Somewhere along the way, I lost a day.... and was thinking all day yesterday that it was Sunday.
Alas... no. So.. there is a part of me that feels I a behind already, having not done my usual Monday chores. 
I am sure most of this confusion has to do with post -surgery weirdness and pain meds... 
It's hot. ... and muggy... and it appears we've gone straight into summer weather here. 
Having been up most of the late night/ early morning.... I am just now beginning to settle down to rest... 
and especially now that I have walked ZeeZe to his favorite place (the tiny creek) near our house.  
This weekend, (also probably due to post op pain meds) ... I began to reflect on what was most important to me. We've lived here 4 1/2 years now, and Jim will have to move because of his job within the year. Because I am the primary care giver for mom; I will need to stay here with her, as she would not be inclined to move. That said.... it seems as if we have a year to (once again) sort through the stuff and figure out what needs sold, left behind, or kept. Over the years, I feel like I have done really well at downsizing.... but I also feel that there is more that I can unload. 
There are 2 big "lots" of things that I need to focus on.
One, is all the photos and memorabilia. Ideally, I would like to scan all my photos and slides so that I have digital copies. If I manage to do that, realistically, I could get rid of most all the photos I have. Then it would be a matter of photographing or preserving memorabilia into albums. This would free up a ton of space. 
Second, is all the "upcycle project" pieces. Over the past 4 1/2 years, Jim's work has been sporadic at best, and so to help financially, I've been restoring and re-imagining cast off items, furniture, etc from sales/ dumpster dives, give-aways and such. Now, I enjoy doing this type of work... but when it comes right down to it; if I have 3 hours of energy, would I rather spend those 3hours working on an upcycle project? or something else? So. I have contracted with my daughter to either finish up all the projects in the studio space... or to pass them onto someone else... by Halloween. And yes, I have to have someone to be accountable too.... or I will feel guilty for not finishing them and keep them forever. 
It's a hard thing to decide, and in a way.... I feel very selfish for the decision I've made... but then I got to thinking: 
I just had surgery, and am facing a possibly 6th episode of cancer. 
Everyone reaches points in their life when they have to make seemingly selfish decisions in order to focus, 
refine, and get back to doing what they love. I think this is one of those times for me...
and that is ok.