Usually on Wednesdays, I post an old photo to encourage your creative flow.
Not this week, however.

This week, I started the process of cleaning out the remaining supplies and project pieces that I have gathered for the past 4 1/2 years. In order to help keep us financially afloat, I would do these upcycle projects, and turn salvaged materials into something new and different to sell. But... it's time to move on from that a bit... or at least... concentrate more on my business of over 20yrs, MoonGipsies. Oh, I'll still make the occasional item... but not on the level that I've been doing. So.... off it is going.
And it helps that my hubby has bribed me with a luscious strand of beads I've had my eye on for awhile now 😀 The remaining stuff (as of today)... is mostly scrap wood, board lumber, and raw edge lumber. I hope to go through it next week when I have a bit more space (after folks have picked up the stuff I previously listed).  

And so yesterday, I planted an herb box. It's been a trial for me because we have some raised beds, but I just have not had the energy to clean them up as well as I would like, and the planting season is so short here. But we do have rhubarb, lots of onions, garlic and chives.... a few cucumbers coming up... lots of calendula, lemon balm, mint, oregano, marjoram, bee balm and such flourishing. In the box, I planted a couple strawberry plants, a couple kinds of basil, cilantro, parsley, sage... and in another pot... rosemary. We also have a bush loaded with currents, and a handful of blueberries on our tiny blueberry bushes. I am just not myself without a garden... and I love working in the dirt... so it was awesome to be able to at least plant a few things.

And today my hubby is off to a funeral, the daughter has one of her longest days with work... 
and mom and I are home alone (with ZeeZe) and chilling. 
It's overcast, thinking about raining... a good day to just try to relax...