This weekend was wonderful.
Yes, it had it's moments... but overall, it was relaxing... and peaceful... and just what I needed.
I was able to work a little in the studio... and for some reason, felt I needed to make this set (below).

Necklace and earrings set on an Egyptian Theme.

This necklace is comprised of Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, Tibetan Coral and lots of sterling -- with a sterling vintage Ankh pendant. Total length is about 20 inches (including clasp). With matching earrings!... all in sterling, Lapis and Malachite.

*So. I was looking up the stones I used. Metaphysically, the ancient Assyrians called Lapis Lazuli "Blue Sky stone," and felt is symbolized inspiration and divine wisdom. The Ancient Egyptians considered Malachite a stone of strength and spirituality and believed that the 'Goddess of the Sky dropped stars on earth in the form of these green stones.' The ancient Egyptians also placed pieces of coral in the tombs as a protection against evil spirits.... so there you have it! 
They all work perfectly together for this Egyptian themed set.

ZeeZe has been having an itchy week or so. I thought it was allergies. I had given him a bath (with dog shampoo for sensative skin), and clipped his hair shorter... but in the process cut his neck hair much closer than I intended (I forgot to put the #2 attachment on, and shaved a strip or two really tight to his skin).... anyway.... so he's been even more prone to scratching... and has somehow opened up several areas on his inner thighs, his underarms... and his neck. He looks like he got caught in a fan... poor baby. So I've been putting arnica on it... giving him some Benadryl to get him through the night... and the past few days, I've had to resort to keeping a neck scarf on him to prevent him from scratching his neck. 
I feel so bad for him.... and so very responsible.... my poor little boy. 
I love him so.

But here it is Monday... and I've got to get back to work... 
See you all tomorrow.