It's hard being an adult... even worse... being a responsible one.
This weekend was trying in lots of ways, not the least seemed to be getting some sleep. 
I basically tossed and turned all weekend.... with not much success in that area.
I lost my cool. Stupid things upset me.

There was a Facebook post that I ran across that was talking about how folks today don't want to work for the  money... that they are just out there "trying to get free cheese"... et all. Personally, I don't think you can group anyone like that and call them all *whatever*. So yes, while some folks certainly "abuse the system" ... not everyone does. And certainly, I know lots of folks who work harder and harder.... and it's a tough world out there. It's hard to find a job. Harder still to keep a job... and sometimes, life and other situations throw you a curve-ball... and you end up in the crapper. I think that most people out there, really want the same things in life. We all want a safe, happy place to live, where we can afford to do some of the things we want, and need.... and occasionally, for life to give us a break. ... for something nice to happen. 

It seems like for the past 5 years... we've had curve-ball after curve ball... and it gets old.
It's easy to feel worn out, used up, and abused. It's hard to find encouragement.... especially when it seems like it's a constant one step forward, 2 steps back kind of deal. 

And then there's my mom. This is hard. Harder than I thought it would be. Yes, I have the medical background to take care of her, yes I have the compassion and willingness to take care of her, and so far, I have the ability.... but it's so hard to make sense of the situation.... and to deal with someone you care about, who 90% of the time, really doesn't understand... and misses folks she cares about so desperately, who have already passed on. 

This afternoon, the final straw was a call from the business tax people of the state... 
apparently my payment from last year never went "all the way through"... ie: it was pending for some reason... I have to tell you. This is like a diarrhea inducing thing for me. There is almost nothing worse to me than anticipating doing my taxes. I have a huge fear of messing it up.
So this was a "big deal." But we got there. 

Up and down.... up and down. I am exhausted.
That said... THANK YOU ALL ...
for being there. For being supportive. For hanging in there with me.

And, on the plus side... is that I got a pair of earrings done.

These ones feature gorgeous hand-cast charms from Inviciti Jewelry .
The beads are wire wrapped in sterling, and are Black tourmaline and Herkimer Diamonds!
Total length is about 2 3/4 inches.

*The combined metaphysical properties: Black Tourmaline is all about change; but blocking negativity in doing so. Herkimers, are all about clarity, defining one's thoughts and intentions... so it's all positive "keys to change"....