It's a rare thing when my daughter and I both have some "free time" ... so we took the opportunity yesterday afternoon
to work a couple hours at my mom's old house to clear out. It was great, and we got quite a bit done. 
Yesterday we had a ton of rain... which was an amazing reprieve from several days of incredible heat and humidity.
And although ZeeZe was a little freaked out by all the thunder, it was wonderful. 
We also have a couple hollyhocks!!! grown from seeds of flowers we had when we were in Albuquerque.
We had planted them a couple years ago... but this year they came up and bloomed 💗
Our son is back at his home after being in the hospital for several days... and we are very grateful that he is feeling better. 
AND.... last night as I took the pup out for his midnight walk-about, I saw that we had 2 deer sleeping in our yard.
So... lots and lots of good things happening.
See you all tomorrow.