Eco-Friendly Crafts

I feel very strongly about the whole re-use, re-purpose, and recycle aesthetic. 

To this end, I occasionally make new products for my Etsy shop featuring previously used items.


Envelopes and stationary

Several years ago... I started looking at what we all use and discard with ease.
I love to recycle... and came up with a way to use pages from old books that otherwise were in bad condition. One of the results... were some fabulous envelopes.

Over time... I began expanding my line of recycled paper envelopes to include envelopes made from comic books, magazines, children's books, maps, brochures, menus, scrapbook papers... and fabulous old texts.

I make sets, and also sell random lots.


Currently, I am phasing out my line of handmade guitar picks made from recycled store gift cards.

As of today, I am only including them as gifts in orders.


Another line I am phasing out, is that of handmade scarves.

These are all handmade by me, in a simple crochet pattern. Yarns used, are a wide variety of acrylic blends, alpaca, and salvaged materials. I have less than 50 scarves left, and will not be stocking any more in the Etsy shop.