Eco-Friendly Crafts

I feel very strongly about the whole re-use, re-purpose, and recycle aesthetic. 

To this end, I occasionally make new products for my Etsy shop featuring previously used items.

Random (6).jpg

Guitar Picks

These guitar picks are made from discarded store and restaurant gift cards. Each one is cut to present the best design I can, and the edges are sanded. I only use thicker cards that have been tested by friends for durability and sound on the instruments. These can be used on guitars, ukuleles, dulcimers, and auto-harps. 

I sell these in randomly chosen sets of 5 for $1


Cards and Envelopes

Several years ago... I started looking at what we all use and discard with ease.
I love to recycle... and came up with a way to use pages from old books that otherwise were in bad condition. One of the results... were some fabulous envelopes.

Over time... I began expanding my line of recycled paper envelopes to include envelopes made from comic books, magazines, children's books, maps, brochures, menus, scrapbook papers... and fabulous old texts.

I make sets, and also sell random lots.



Fresh off the hook.... most all of these scarves are made with recycled yarns, gifted yarns and such.

Simple crochet designs, natural and polyester threads... all to keep you cozy and warm.