We are spiritual beings.

I started my business with prayer beads, and quickly added other spiritual, faith based items.

I believe all faith practices are inter-related... and finding those common elements will bring us all closer together .


Unique Prayer Bead sets

In 1997, I started making prayer beads. I had been ill, and was having a hard time finding a personal, unique set of prayer beads to use in my meditation practice. So... I started making them. 
Each of my prayer bead sets are completely unique and OOAK, and follow both traditional and non-traditional historical patterns according to each faith. I pay close attention to colors, number of beads, design, and my own thoughts while creating them.



I love stones. Seriously.

I believe in the power of stones, feathers, minerals, shells and wood.. to work healing majik in your life.

For years I have worn these special drop charms on necklaces, bracelets... or just carried them in my pocket. I use gemstones and glass... wood and pearl... so there will be variety here.
I am intentionally trying to keep the cost of these charms down... to make them affordable and accessible to everyone. Each charm is only $5



I really enjoy making pendulums. Each is unique, with it's own theme.

Handmade-Original-and Only from Moongipsies

All my handmade pendulums are cleansed with fresh rainwater... and charged under the moon.