Well, we’ve been in our new apartment here for just over a week. I think on a certain level, I have been waiting ‘for the other shoe to drop.” I am not really a pessimist… truly. But, upon reflection, I think I have been in such a harsh state of stress for so long now… that my body and my mind are in a constant state of anxiety and foreboding. With this move…. I am hoping for a sort of “dead stop” to the chaos… and a time to recoup and recharge.

In light of this…. I kind of went full on, and we are now completely unpacked. Granted, nothing is where is probably will end up being…. but at least things are not in boxes and stacked around the place. I’ve gotten a new phone (the other one was causing endless problems). We ordered a new couch and it arrived yesterday. I ordered a jeweler’s bench… and it should be arriving this week. After 20years of making jewelry, I went ahead and “splurged”. And, I finally got caught up here on the blog; which I have sorely neglected.

In the next couple days, I hope to get our finances organized, address and phone updated everywhere, and look for a doctor/ dentist/ veterinarian. I need to order myself new glasses (haven’t had any in 7yrs), and hang some art on the walls. So much to do…. but taking small steps.