So yesterday we had a hell-of-a storm. It was amazing! (see the first photo).

But alas, I had to get to the clinic as my rash got markedly worse. Turns out, it is poison ivy or poison oak. Which is awesome! because I was afraid it was shingles. I am so very grateful. So… 2 weeks of calamine lotion and steroids, here I come.. gladly.

The hubby was sweet (pun intended) and treated me to KrispeeKreme donuts and coffee afterwards. I suppose if you have to have an all over body rash.. do it with donuts!

And today… I got this incredible stone in the mail. This one if for me. It is called Garnierite, and it is related to Moonstone (one of my favs). It is thought to help us create positive change in our lives.. even when goals seem hard to accomplish. It is a stone of acquisition, attraction, and prosperity, that also is thought to help promote friendships and love. It does this by stimulating the heart chakra to honor the magnificence in oneself and in others.