It must be the week for finishing things.... 

Kristin (in superhero mode), had borrowed a chainsaw from a friend, and cut down 12 trees (yes, 12) in our yard that were mostly dead. Additionally, she chopped most of it up for firewood, along with a couple other smaller trees that were already down in the yard... and now we have a small mountain of firewood drying for next year. Whoa! 

And Jim, took the opportunity of mostly sunny weather, and sanded and painted our deck (and brand new steps). It was a job that has really needed done since we moved in... and now it looks spectacular. Next year, we hope to paint the house and the concrete retaining walls around the base of the house. 

And what did I do? I worked on jewelry and such until the wee hours last night... 
and ended up losing most of today to sleep. But it's all good. 

See you all tomorrow.