It's cold. Like... really cold.
Like... -30 wind chill, cold.
I must be getting old... LOL.

It's been an odd week... and frankly, I haven't gotten a whole lot accomplished.
I mean, the dishes are done... the laundry is caught up.
The floors are swept, carpet vacuumed... beds are made.
Everyone's been fed and taken care of.
But as far as doing fun things, or creative endeavors, or items to sell...
not so much.

I am sure it's just because with the weather being what it is, 
all I want to do is curl up with a book and hide in bed.
Normal, I would guess.

As soon as my energy returns, I hope to get busy in the studio.
I've got some lovely beads that are screaming to be made into something 💙
See you all tomorrow.

(below: Baltic Amber, Campitos Turquoise and Lapis Lazuli.
Further below: Beryl, Muscovite, Burmese Jade and Amazonite rondelles)