It was a wonderful weekend here on the hill.
We got a little bit of rain, and I convinced the hubby he really didn't need to mow the lawn on Father's Day weekend. The herbs are growing wonderfully, and we have a few flowers coming as well. It was also the weekend after my hubby's birthday... so we've been celebrating and feeling grateful. 

I also was able to clear out most all the "project" supplies and random lumber out of the basement... which is awesome. It not only clears up space, but the money I gained from selling off the stuff will be used to pay for a fabulous strand of sapphires.

I was able to finish a great book ("The Resistance Man" by Martin Walker)... and I was ecstatic to be able to spend some time in the studio. I ended up finishing a necklace for a friend, putting together a talisman for my daughter, and I made 50 new gemstone charms!!! ... that I hope to get listed in the Etsy shop this week.