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Another one of the "lessons" in the jewelry book I am currently studying, talks about soldering. I've done a little bit pf soldering ... but it was at least 8yrs ago. Since then, I just haven't had the right tools... or so I thought.
Right now, I only have a small micro-torch... instead of a heavy duty acetylene/oxygen type duel set-up. But, after researching... and more than a bit of butt kicking to try something.... I ventured on.
For this pair of earrings, I have used 20 gauge steel wire to make "rings". I've soldered it in a couple places, and wrapped it sporadically with both 14K gold-plated wire, an German twisted wire.
The  top dangly features vintage faceted Czech glass beads in a carnival glass type coloration, along with some Swarovski crystals and gold plated beads. The bottom dangles are Titanium druzies.
All the findings are 14K gold plate.
Total length is about 3 3/4 inches long.

I am really stoked at how these turned out... and even though it was nerve-wracking... I got there.