I had a great weekend... 
The daughter, hubby and I went cruising around downtown for a walk... and I was able to get some more yarn. Then we went out to eat and had the best steak I've ever had in my life (with a horseradish, blue cheese cream sauce and shrimp on top... with a side of fries and fresh garden beans and a glass of Reisling)... and then we went to a friend's bookshop where we perused books.. and came home with a nice stack.

Today... I've dusted, swept, vacuumed, stripped the linens, did the dishes, watered the plants, checked the mail/ email... and I picked a fresh cucumber from the garden... which was awesome. I feel like I might be getting a bit more stamina finally.

I am also trying to finish up some projects for local fundraisers...
but still have a few more to do before the year is out.
(you can click on these photos to enlarge them)

It's definitely becoming fall out there, and while I absolutely love fall,
It has left me wondering where in the world summer went.

See you all tomorrow.