I'm afraid I've been a bad influence.
Folks around here have been mowing their lawns for a couple weeks... and I managed to persuade my hubby to leave the yard alone for a bit longer than he wanted. We have a ton of violets, tiny white blossoms, creeping charlie, dandelions... and all kinds of natural wonders growing profusely in our yard... and I wanted the bees to have the most time possible to benefit from them. But today... was the day. It is probably going to rain the next few days... and the grass was well on it's way to unmanageable. 
And so... today I spent much longer than I thought it would take... to pick the blossoms from a large bunch of the violets in the yard. Years ago, I remember making a violet tea... as well as violet jam... and sugared blossoms for salads and desserts. My focus this time, is on the tea... so now I just have to wait for the blooms to dry... and find a recipe that is like the one I remember my grandmother using.
Here is a great source