Well, it's Monday... my usual "cleaning day"...
This weekend, I had a long discussion with my daughter and hubby ... which included a conversation about projects. ie: all the "stuff" I have in the basement that I have gathered with the intention of upcycling them into fantastic new stuff... useful stuff... or just plain restoring them. Now... while I am perfectly capable of this kind of work... it is not my favorite thing to do. I am good at it.. and it gives me satisfaction of knowing that I have salvaged something and saved it from the dump. But... with my being increasingly sick these past few years, I find that my Lupus only allows me a few sacred hours of "up" time a day. And... given the choice, there are other things I would choose to be working with.. given that consideration. So. I have to make some tough choices. 
Half of the basement is a make-shift studio space... and the other half is a jumble of a work-shop space. The work shop side has all kinds of raw timber, cut boards, projects, tools and such. This weekend, I started clearing out. I offered a truck-load of stuff for FREE (it's gone now)... and now I am working on photographing and listing other stuff for cheap (or free). It's a process. 
My hubby has promised me a gift ... (beads!) .. when the stuff is all gone. I am giving myself til the end of the month to organize and clear out... and if it's still here... it'll have to go somewhere.
It's time.